Home Ice

Welcome to the Grooves On Ice experience!  It's a special blend of Neo Soul, Urban and R&B music that you'll only enjoy here. 
It's your cool listening location... the sub zero sound... a place where you're never too cool.
We invite you to stick something cold in your ear: Grooves On Ice.

Grooves On Ice was created in May, 2011 as a test internet radio station.  We set out to find the kind of music that had the "old school" feel, produced and performed by today's artists.  Our test audience and our research revealed music that was flying under the radar.  It is our pleasure to give that music the exposure it deserves.  Grooves On Ice is not the electronic, pop, hip hop, auto-tuned sound you hear everyday.  It is music for grown folks who seek a tasteful soundtrack to their lives.

While you're on the station page, feel free to click the symbols to add the station to your presets, rate the station, send requests, share the station with Facebook or Twitter friends or purchase songs.  You can add to your listening experience by becoming a LIVE365 VIP.  Thank you and remember we're here for you 24-7.

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